The Netflix comedy series « Love » follows the slow-gestating relationship between Gus and Mickey and what is the most surprising at first with the plot is how comforting the relationship between the characters is. They quickly hit the comfort zone by unwillingly showing themselves the worst parts of their lives (exes, addictions, weird behaviours, etc.). However, this comforting relationship between Mickey and Gus makes them awkward and not comfortable as they are conscious their friendship can actually be more than that.

Gus is a nice guy and this idea spurs discomfort in Mickey, who is attracted by bad guys. That’s why, at one time, she is trying to fix Gus with her sweet roommate but their date goes disastrously wrong, to the point where the two are simultaneously texting Mickey how terrible the moment is.

The TV show allows a great place to text messaging creating and limiting opportunities to provide comfort among the characters.

There are two type of text messages I noticed in the TV show. The characters use them for salutation because they want to show they care at each other, creating comfort among them but they are aware of the inconvenience text messaging can cause sometimes and that’s why, they mostly use them to set a date.

Discomfort is not really created by the content of the text messages. It is more about how and when they are sent. Indeed, on the fifth episode, the characters miss the opportunity to meet because they did not receive their text messages in the right time. Even more awkward is the fact that text messages are sent automatically in the wrong order when the signal is back.  This signal problem however helped the TV characters to stop judging their relationship on the content. They quickly texted after this issue and finally set a date.