I like Emma Watson’s personality and I found her really inspiring. I am really sensitive about the topic of gender equality. Regardless of being a Hollywood celebrity, Emma Watson is considered as a really important activist in gender equality and is an amazing ambassador for United Nations Women. She helped them promote the HeForShe campaign which advocates for gender equality. Last January, an initiative from the campaign called 10x10x10 Parity Initiative was launched. This aims partner with governments, corporations and universities to fight for gender equality.

At the HeForShe second anniversary event at the MoMA (New York), Emma Watson did a speech about how she was proud of the campaign’s achievements. Watson communicated really well in her speech. Her eye contact with the audience was excellent and her delivery was professional.

If we focus on the basis of “competent communication”, she succeeds in being empathic and having great perspective. We can clearly see that she knows about her audience by using strong examples and quotes a lot of people can relate to. For instance, she is using a Bud Light advertisement example to illustrate how society applies gender equality nowadays.

The two-year anniversary and HeForShe had a lot of achievements, making Watson excited and nervous at the same time. She turns that nervousness into a positive one by confessing the audience she actually is nervous. Therefore, she chose the most appropriate behaviour and did well on performing it. Of course, it is always better for a communicator not to be stressed but it would have been insensitive here. Concerning notes, Watson is not using a teleprompter which is good in the interest of performing skills.

Watson cares about the relationship she has with her audience and with the influence she has made during this experience. She doesn’t hesitate on using enumeration to express that idea. She is emotional about her experience and about HeForShe achievements. It thus makes her speech more fluid and human. We can easily consider this leading actress and activist as a competent communicator.